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I really like the whole idea of teaching these concepts to kids. For me, the ideas ring true and I try to apply them to my own life and teach them to my children. These ideas should be embraced...

Suzanne Tobin PhD
Child Psychologist, US

The stories are good and can be used as a stimulus for PSHE/circle time discussion. The questions (the 'Mikey says...' section) at the end were good to promote discussion and probe thinking...

Miss Minal Rayarela
Leicester, UK Special Needs Teacher

I read the stories they are brilliant, are simple to follow and easy to understand especially for my age group(3-5 years) they will be great to read at circle time, as we discuss feelings and...

Aditi Radia
Senior nursery nurse, London,UK

These books are a fantastic resource to have. The stories are simple and fun and give a clear message. They will be great to use in school, not only in the classroom but for assemblies too. I will...

Reena Chandarana
Primary Teacher, Leicester, UK.

These stories are an original concept and would be of use to parents, teachers and children, as they convey positive ideas in an interesting way...

Simon Smith
Branch Librarian, London, UK

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Anxiety in Children

An anxious child. Stress in children is beatable

Your anxious child CAN become calm and relaxed! 3 great tips you can use today to overcome anxiety in children

Start improving your child's anxiety from today with our coaches' help. Replace stress in children with calmness and self assurance.

Children should be not weighed down by stress or fraught with anxiety. They should be full of happiness and enthusiasm, blossoming as they grow. If your child is struggling with anxiety or stress, take a look at the tips below:


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Fun activities to combat your child's anxiety and help them beat stress PLUS positive parenting tips

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1. Gratitude. What advice for an anxious or stressed child? A measure of gratitude and appreciation will add a healthy sense of perspective. This may cause a few furrowed brows, as one might only expect a child to be grateful if they were happy and content. But its here that you can do something to help your child. Gratitude could be for their health, family, friends, school, toys, food, shelter, and the technology they have access. Children who are happy and fulfilled can probably put this down to a sense of gratitude. An appreciation by your child of all the things they have to be appreciative will fill them with positive feelings. Your child can, in the main, only feel one emotion at a time. Gratitude will leave no space for fear, anxiety or stress.

  • The gratitude mountain technique. Try this fun and graphical way of developing gratitude. Get your child to draw a picture of a mountain with them at the top. Then ask them to draw or write on the mountain below them all the things they have to be grateful for. As the mountain gets full, so your child will see before them all the wonderful things they ought to be appreciative for.

2. Meditation and relaxation can soothe and relax your child, and are great for combating stress and anxiety. Your child will feel clear and uplifted just by closing their eyes and slowly taking a few full, deep breaths through their nose and slowly exhaling. Then, in this relaxed state, ask them to allow thoughts to run freely through their mind. Even a couple of minutes in this state of stillness can be incredibly uplifting for their body and soul.

3. Letting it out. Communicating and venting their feelings is important for your child. A useful technique could be for them to tell their doll or another favourite toy. Of course if you can hear what they say that would give you great insight as their parent. Another option is to write down their feelings in a diary or journal. Or they could write each of the things worrying them on a piece of paper and make paper aeroplanes from them. As they send them off across them room, ask your child to feel themselves being relieved of that issue or concern.

All of these would help and support an anxious or stressed child, but serious levels of either require professional help.

This information is continued in the FREE Anxiety and Stress busting pack for Children and Parents. It includes fun activities for your child and positive parenting support for you. Get your copy now! Simply drop your name and email address in Free Box and we will send it to you with our compliments

PS. Don't miss the pack. Take a small step now that may give you the information and activities your child needs to overcome their anxiety and stress. We would love to be able to change their life as we have hundreds of others. Don't do nothing. Help and inspire your child by getting your kit today.

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